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I live with joy, adventure, authenticity, and lead with my heart.  My mission in life is to assist, educate, and add value into your life through my passion, expertise and experience.

I am a dedicated life coach and mentor and also a single mother, no matter what you are looking for I welcome you with open arms and adore meeting new people from all walks of life.  We are all unique bodies of pure diving energy and I am excited to work with You in whatever capacity that may be.

I have taken the plunge ~

I myself have been a victim of shiny objects and buying courses and products that have gotten me nowhere!

Does this sound familiar?

I dread to think how much I have spent over the years researching, learning, and absorbing multiple different systems and methods to make money online.  Let's just say that I could take one heck of a vacation. . .

Don't get me wrong I had made the odd sale here and there but it never lasted and I knew there must be something better out there for me.  I needed to create a sustainable, profitable, passive business.  One that allowed me to work smarter not harder, with reasonable hours (around 10/week),  since time is so very precious to all of us.

I was looking for something different than my brick and mortar business that took anywhere from 60-80 hours per week to get if off the ground and running.  Rarely did I get to have a forty hour work week.   After all no employee loves, nurtures, or cares with their heart as much as this owner did.

Being fully present in my life, savoring each and every moment I realized that I needed to change my mindset if I was ever going to create a steady passive income online.

I started doing these five simple steps:
Set realistic goals
Stop spending money
Hire a great credible teacher/mentor to guide me and hold me accountable
Take action and implement one strategy and stick to it
Focus on the "pain points" of my customer and ensure added value

So with a new mindset and a new me I have taken the first steps towards securing mine and my family's future with the above five simple steps.  I have unsubscribed from ALL the lists of people constantly trying to sell me junk.

This site is a bit eclectic to say the least!
You will find wonderful treasures within these walls, all are
Uniquely Created With Joy,
from My Heart to Yours

I look forward to working with you on your journey.