The Human Race never ceases to surprise, delight, sometimes bring sadness, and astound me…..

This day and age seems to mean we single people date “online” via various websites deliciously telling us they have “just the right partner” for us…..

Of course I am only familiar with the ‘baby boomer’ crowd and frankly it is VERY disappointing for both sexes…

The FEW great men I have met who we did not “ring each other’s bells” have told me they are having the same experiences as I.

Tonight seems to be the catalyst to promote me to write about this. This post was originally somewhere else and I thought it was appropriate.  It is unfortunately just one of the many disconcerting issues a person deals with while attempting to find the very person with whom they want to spend the rest of their life with…

The image below protects both my information and the person of the male species who responded to me liking a photo….

I am not sure any other words are appropriate…
This life is H U G E L Y entertaining…..
Definitely MORE LOVE needed on this Earth…..




dating, life adventures, really?

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