Hashimoto’s You Cannot Have My Hair!

My hair loss is at the  panic level… I wonder how i have any at the rate it is choosing to leave my head and end up in my brush and escaping down the drain

Even before i was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (Thyroid Auto immune), my hairs were falling out by the truckloads. I am down about two thirds from what i used to have.

Major problem.

Not only scary it is a huge sign my body is not functioning well at all.
Thyroid medication does not guarantee a return of your hairs.

SO if you seem to be losing more hair than usual


Get some testing done . . .
Increase your . . .



and do not let anyone give you mindless rhetoric find a professional that will listen and hear your concerns no one knows your body better than you do.

Learn how to read the tests and ask questions

Sometimes doctors do not explain so you can understand.

So why do Hashimoto’s patients lose their hairs?

Lots of reasons…..

Elevated testosterone
or hormone imbalance
Poor blood flow to the scalp
Iron deficiency and low ferritin
Blood sugar swings
Lack of biotin
Lack of good fats
Chemical hair products
not on the right dose or kind of thyroid meds
lack or too much of vitamins
collagen protein
stomach acid
adrenal fatigue
increase in  an androgen hormone called DHT (DiHydroxy Testosterone)
chronic stress


to top it off reduces brain function which hinders the ability to get well…

T3 is your beautiful hair hormone. When is it messed up so are your hairs!

Make sure your TSH, Free T4 (FT4), Free T3 (FT3), and Reverse T3 (RT3) levels are all optimal

You can see that this is not a

take a test
get results
take medicine or adjust something

and/or be fixed.!

This is an adventure
A process of elimination and it is grueling, tear your already challenged hairs out frustrating to the point, that I have gone into a small room and screamed, stomped my feet and thrown a tizzy (or is it hissy?) fit


I pick myself up and move onto the next thing to test, supplement to take, food to add or avoid, read more to educate myself, etc…

Is this hereditary, part of your

There are differing opinions everywhere you look . . .


My mother had a thyroid goiter removed and then ALL OF her gorgeous brown hair fell out and came back white, thin and whimpy…

My hands and feet have ALWAYS BEEN COLD…
The pediatrician told me since i have cold hands and feet I have a warm heart¿

Remember this was many years ago . . .

My “thyroid tests” came back within normal range

UNTIL I saw a Naturopath and had a whole panel done only then did we get to the truth…

so as far as I am concerned YES it is hereditary

The beginning of my story is here

All in all this is still a very long and arduous process

Hang in there

Get some support (friend, family, Facebook group, etc)

Never more fitting words than now
All good things come to those who . . .

PLEASE do NOT wait!

One moment at a time . . .

Until the next Hashi chapter…

Laters Baby!

I used many sites to tell this story and they are referenced below.

I thank each and every person who is so much further along than i am for blazing the trail to make some of the decisions and roads to take easier.

Please take the time to educate yourself and go through these sites… They are informational, educational, acknowledging, and supportive…

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