Why Record A Greeting Video?

It is an introduction of sorts!

Since we live in a virtual world, and cannot begin
to be face to face with everyone who is a potential
friend and or client/customer, this is the next best
way to introduce yourself.

Speaking face to face with a live feed may not be always possible
You can reach more people with a recorded greeting
It is evergreen

You know the song. . .

You have the Whole World in Your Hands

You do with our magnificent world at our fingertips!

You are tangible, human, someone
potential friends or customers can see
Respect begins with visuals
Trust blooms

Whether we realize it or not our essence,
mannerisms, who we really are shows
through that recording

Have you ever watched someone on video and said . . .
That person looks authentic and real
WOW I would never do business or friend him/her?

There you have it!

Energy IS Everything
It is not mumbo jumbo crap

What we put out to the World sends whatever
Energy that we attach to it
Positive OR Negative

SO . . .

What do you do now?

Create a couple authentic greeting videos
depending on what medium you are currently

For instance:

Update the video periodically so that
you are current and it portrays
You right here, right now

If you have been to my YouTube channel you will find that greeting video as well as if you are my friend on FaceBook you will have received my thank you video!

Have fun with this
BE Your cooky self
Love Your Authenticity! ! !


I AM . . . ? ? ?

Belief statements are critical to radiant health
and no
you do not have to believe them when you start!

YOU only need to say them with feeling,
passion and a smile on your face
and then very soon
watch what happens. . .

You start to believe what you are saying
pretty soon things start changing in your life

Positive things are happening
I AM becomes the the most wonderful two words to start the most powerful sentences you will EVER speak

Here are some words to start you off!

I AM Radiant Health
I AM in a loving positive relationship
I AM hugely successful
I AM abundantly happy
I AM part of a great community
I AM a walking talking money magnet
I AM full of joy
I AM a great mom
I AM a great dad
I AM . . . write whatever your heart desires

You get the drift right?


Is There a Difference Between Grounding & Earthing?

YES according to some and depending on how technical you want to get.

Earthing is used commonly in the European and commonwealth countries, where as Grounding is a North American standard.

If you are talking electricity flowing through wires there is a huge difference between the two.

Earthing = to minimize the risk of an electrical shock if touching metal parts when a fault is present, discharging the electrical current into the Earth. Ground is really another word for Earth which is a common return path for electric current and circuits maybe connected to ground (Earth) for several reasons.

If you are talking about collecting, absorbing Mother Earth’s energy the difference is very suttle.

Grounding is being connected to Mother Earth it is the end result.

Earthing is the process of absorbing Mother Earth’s free flowing electrons from the surface with the soles of one’s bare feet creating the connection and Grounding.

The energy is not only in the ground it is also within the vegetation, so hugging a tree also creates reciprocity with Mother Earth. A give and take of energies.

Have you EVER hugged a tree?

Some Indian beliefs are that trees hold the souls of EVERY single living thing that passes by during it’s lifetime. Imagine the energy Trees are just waiting to give You!

Grounding is . . .

Truly a means of Free reflexology
Creates a positive healing, energy restoring connection
Absorbing the electrical energy creating a give and take with Earth
Obliterating sadness
Greatly reducing the risk of disease
Empowering YOU!


when you BREATHE and add some movement with your grounding, you increase the benefits exponentially.

NEED scientific data regarding this subject?       here you go

Please watch the video on grounding/earthing . It is so chocked full of life changing information I decided to insert the link in both places!