Learning To Do Video In A Few Takes ?

I know we are never happy
with our own faces
our own videos

They never seem to be good enough

I suggest to you that
You do a couple videos
Get some feedback
Post them on Facebook
Post a menu

Upload them on your blog
Get some feedback and
See if you can see what others are
Telling you about what a great job you’re doing.

You will think twice about a zillion takes!

I want you to watch it
Over and over again
So you can realize


They see and hear

Write their praises down and then watch that video again

And then watch it again
And again
And again

Until you believe in yourself like everybody else believes in you because You are perfect just the way you are
Until you SEE the Value you have to give

Your unique gifts . . .

If you are serious about business
Doing this is Hugely important to your success
Especially in the Internet Age we are in!

I dare you . . .


Paint Your Story With Words

If you’re an “artist” . . .

Paint yourself . . .     Your story with words . . .     Create your brand . . .

No matter what kind of “artist” you are

If you’re a mechanic
paint your experiences
through fixing a car
changing the radiator
and the tires
or putting new brakes on

Sometimes we have to put brakes on in order to see the big picture to Slowdown in order to see clearly what it is we need to paint!

Or if you’re an accountant
use your brush with facts and figures
paint who you are with a ledger

Because we are all ledgers
We have sections
We have columns
We have subcategories
We have all the different threads that make up our masterpiece

Just a little bit  how to paint yourself with authenticity

Painting yourself is the start to creating your brand

We all have unique gifts to give people

Through our eyes
Our voice
How we act and react

If you need help with branding
check out my free report!