Moving Forward With A Perfect Day

As I was going through old writings and journals to weed out the oldest in preparation for the New Year I found these words.

I have no idea if I copied them from something or if they are words from my heart & brain.

They were written in September 2013 and are very appropriate as we begin to transcend into the New Year  . . .

As I contemplate my perfect day,
I am mindful to also have
Gratitude & Love for Everything

We all are energy, even rocks, wood, glass, metal, etc.

Every step we take

Every breath we make

Every thought

Every sound

Every action . . .

Leaves an indelible mark on our Universe . . .

as we leave this year behind take stock in what you learned and please please please move FORWARD without being in the future… looking back is missing the present!

Think about what footprint you want to leave as you walk, run or ride to your future.

You make an impact whether you are bringing positive or negative energy with you.

Happy New Year Everyone!



Do You fit in… or ? ? ?

Think about that statement . . . . .

Since we were children, aren’t we taught to “fit in”?

BE like others?
DO as others do?
HAVE what everyone else has?

Go with the crowd?
Fit in with a group?
Dress in the latest fashion or like everyone else around us?

Keep up with the Jones’s so to speak . . .

When we fit in we are a carbon copy of others.
We are so alike it is difficult to distinguish one from the other
No one can see your special talents

what should be taught is to “stand out”!

BE who you really are
NOT a clone of someone else
To dance to the beat of your own drum?

Use the intelligence and thinking we were born with

What IF

we were taught to just BE ourselves?
to BE Authentic?
to Stand out?

to wear that piece of clothing that makes you happy?
to go for the debate team when all your friends are going out for football?
to go out for the kicker on the football team when all your friends are taking ballet?

let’s face it We are all so very unique.
One in 400 trillion unique in fact.
Standing out is Branding of the highest level!

No one has your experiences much less your looks or idiosyncrasies right?

Not fitting in with the crowd is much less stress and so much easier to do. Sure you might have others making snide comments, laughing, or being just plain mean. Who cares?

Will your friends do this?
I highly doubt it!
if they do, they are not friends

Wear your funky clothing, hat, glasses.
Whatever you love and make you smile
Say something that identifies YOU

Here is an analogy that may hit you squarely between the eyes:

Have you ever been crabbing and when you pull the crab pot out and deliver the crabs to the bucket, you see one climbing up the side making a great run, ONLY to have the others at the bottom pull it back down?

That is what happens many times when you are “standing out”
Others see you racing past them and they are jealous and would do anything to pull you down with them.

If you are not happy fitting in, it makes no sense to not be authentic!

Let’s face it we can ONLY BE ourselves, Everyone ELSE is Taken!

How many ways do you stand out?


Powerful Video Statistics

In this day and age video is one of the most important tools you can take advantage of

here are some statistics….

I wanted to give you a few tips about important parts of a video and some statistics about doing video for your marketing whether it be YouTube or Facebook, you’re sending to your leads or whatever.

I’m going to cover the statistics again; the same statistics that I covered on the greeting video so you won’t have to watch that if you’ve already done your greeting.

So here we go, so the average internet user watches thirty-two plus videos a month, thirty-two. If you include a video with your introductory email for your leads, your click-through rate will increase ninety-six percent, ninety-six percent!

Can you believe that?

A third online are watching videos, YouTube is the number two search engine. Your website is fifty times more likely to appear on the first page of the search engine results if it includes videos. And a video shared is shared twelve hundred more times than links or texts combined.

Eighty percent of all online visitors are watching videos to the end. Only twenty percent will read the content in entirety, so we are a digital age, a musical age so to speak because voice is music right?

People want to hear and they want to see; they want to hear you, they want to see you, they just don’t want to read text so when you post on Facebook your relevancy lasts about twenty-four hours. I don’t think that’s quite that anymore but that’s what the statistics say.

Twitter: one hour but YouTube or Vimeo your videos live forever; they’re always there and let’s face it when you want to know how to do something, want to know about someone, about this or about that or music or how-to anything where do you go? You go to YouTube; your video would be there with the right tags, description, all that and that’s all another video.

So there’s three main parts to a video: the first one is your pattern interrupt; you have nine seconds to grab that viewer’s attention and get their focus off of whatever else is going on in their world.

Think about it, if they’re on Facebook, they’re online, they’re on Facebook and you’ve got your feed here, you’ve got your advertisements, and then you’ve got all this stuff down the middle going on and people are scrolling and I don’t know about you but I will turn on some sort of video and I’ll scroll down lower a little bit to see what’s going on.

If it doesn’t grab me in the first few seconds, nine seconds (that’s a long time). So getting their focus off of what they’re doing is important in nine seconds probably in three to six seconds and then ask them a question. That’s your pattern interrupt, ask them a question.

Number two is provide an answer to that question you’ve just asked and that should help them paint a picture of what it will do for them because that’s what’s they want to know, they want to know what’s in it for them, what they, what it will do for them, how you can help them?

They want to know that.

Number three is your call to action, so every video should have a purpose and it’s for an action of the viewer to do; what do you want them to do?

That’s the call to action: what is it you want them to do.

Do you want them just to meet you and connect with you?

Connect with me on Facebook: click the link.

Do you want them to go forward and hit the

‘Buy Now’ button the
‘Connect With Me’ button or
‘I Want To Learn More’ button

so that it takes them to the next?

Let them know where they’re going, they want it, they, it’s important for them to know where they’re going and what you could help them with.

So you tell them what to do and how it’s going to benefit them and brevity is the key, so here we go, nine seconds again. . . nine seconds to win their attention, their focus. If you can keep their focus you will be able to build a relationship with that customer.


After thirty seconds you lose a third of your viewers, after sixty seconds you lose forty-five percent . After two minutes sixty percent (60%) of your viewers are gone so keep it short, sweet to the point; the kiss method: keep it Super Simple Sweetie – with 3 s’s.

So you need a topic, you need a call to action and what it will do for them and get out of there, laser focus on your topic; present, call to action and get out of there, they’ll connect with you!

Have a wonderful, wonderful, fabulous, awesome day!

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