Creating Your Ideal Client







Creating an Ideal Client Situation and subsequent relationship can be a daunting task in a virtual world.

Knowing how to intuitively carve the exact image of who you want to work with requires some time and practice.

You have heard this time and again:

You must be able to visualize your ideal client making a purchase and being happy about doing so, but still may be wondering what the heck that means to you and your business.

Well, ideal clients are those who pay easy, are pleased easy and help support you in your own growth.

However, finding them and defining them may require a little help. 

First of all, the best way to start to gain focus and clarity on who you want to work with, is to become that person inside of your mind.

Simply taking a day to visualize what you would be willing to invest in, and what you would be willing to sacrifice as a client of yourself can help you quickly achieve clarity.

Doing this shows you just what would please or disappoint you in a real-life scenario. 

It is so easy to say that you want everyone as your client and that everything he or she wants, you do too.

The entire world is not your oyster.

You have to create your lane, then stay in it.

Think for a moment about the personality traits and tendencies of your ideal client.

Seriously think about this situation because it impacts your success. 

What is their pain and can you solve it?
What are their challenges for success?
How do they feel about money?
This is one of the first steps you need to take in order to fully engage your potential clients and know their needs.

Here are a few suggested questions to start your intake form:

What is your current occupation?

What are your goals for the next three months?

What are the things that make you happy?

Creating a detailed intake form at the beginning of a client relationship will save you lots of headache and heartache.

The more you know about the buyer’s habits and beliefs, the easier your role of closing them into a program will be.

Your ideal client will only need minutes to make a decision, not weeks or years. If they are ridden with one of the money blocks you will almost always know it. They will put you off, give 4 hundred excuses and never buy.

Knowing how to be laser clear on who you serve, is going to catapult your results.

You are the potter of your own business, so use the clay for your benefit by creating a great detailed intake form. 

Dare Greatly  ~  Love Hugely


Personal Branding

Since I am an “evergreen” learner, I am constantly searching for information that will make life easier and happier for all of us!

Being successful means knowing who you are is the very most important thing to start with.

Personal Branding is what you do when you know who you are and do it correctly

It is so awesome to have found this TEDtalk video teaching the very same things I do…

Check it out. . .

Great Minds Think Alike ! ! !

More about training very very soon


Branding and Your Website/Blog

Branding is the process of creating images, phrases and graphics that match the core value system of you and your business. It should reflect your passion, authenticity, purpose, heart and soul. Being branded well and congruently earns the greatest respect from others.

I find it intriguing that many entrepreneurs create their brand based on many factors, and often totally don’t get the substance of a brand that feels good to the soul. 

A winning brand must delicately fold into the totality of the concept all of the core values of the entrepreneur, or it will not work.

One good example is that of the spiritual entrepreneur seeking to create a business suit brand when they are a bubble bath type of creative. In sticking to what “THEY” say, the brand is often compromised.

Sure, the brand may succeed, but the entrepreneur is suffering because they see nothing, not even a fragment, of themselves in the logo, website or media. The authenticity is no where to be seen.

Remember, your personality must shine through. The “REAL YOU”.

Help With Your Brand On Your Website

Trust me, I know how difficult it is to allow the perfect message of who you are to shine through the colors, fonts and design of your website, but it is critical to your brand success. Here are 5 tips to help you tweak your mindset so your brand can wrap around you in love. 

1.  Choose colors that make you happy. Some people want to tone down their color choices to satisfy the crowd, but your favorite color is the one programmed into your very soul. Love purple? Choose it without question or doubt. 

2.  Check out different website style before deciding which one to use. WordPress has tons of themes with  thousands of options to choose from. To see what websites you like, do a quick run of people like you, who you follow faithfully. Look at the elements they use such as opt ins, graphics, sidebars and powerful headings. 

3.  Your brand is something that lives inside of  you. If you are having problems identifying what that means, you may consider hiring a branding specialist or you can do this lesson. List 10 unique qualities about yourself without holding back the whimsical side of you. 

4.  A great winning brand knows no fear. This means that when you prepare to launch, you can see the success even before it is realized. Sit quietly and see people coming to the website you are in love with. Imagine them clicking the Buy Now Button and then the PayPal notification coming in that says “You have received a payment”.

5.  Finally, the reality of a winning brand knows that money coming in, offers the winning clue that the brand is succeeding.

You are the brand

All business ideas, program ideas, book ideas and more, originate from YOU so you know that the result of your work will be money coming in. 

While marketing, branding and getting yourself out there, seems like a daunting task, when you let loose and be yourself, it can be fun.

Remember that you don’t have to do it all. Hire out what you are not comfortable with!

Just create a vision of the winning transaction you want to create by your decision to powerfully brand your personality, and you are on your way to the success you seek. 

!Have FUN!

are Greatly  ~  Love Hugely