My Gift . . . | The Greatest Appreciation

In this digital age it is quite refreshing to find Great People to build relationships with even through cyberspace. You would not think that energy and connection would happen via a computer. 

and then you remember. . .

Everything      IS      Energy, right?

I also am a great believer in nothing is a coincidence.

This little video expresses a portion of how I feel right now. Knowing Richie Nolan a short time has no bearing on the connection and friendship we are building, one great moment at a time. 

BEing comfortable in your own skin
KNOWing who you are will attract the GREAT People to you, so that
DOing is so much better

We were not put here to do this LIFE alone. . .




I can’t ?

I invite you to watch this!

and then

tell me if you will ever say I CAN”T again?

this young woman BELIEVED with every cell in her body she could become a “Fairy with a TuTu”…..

Thank You Micheala & Elaine for having the courage…..
for being another Poppy in the field of Daffodils!

You truly have the Spirit of a Warrior


Simple isn’t it?

Not easy…..

will you

Dare Greatly ~ ~ Love Hugely ?????