LuLu & Levi’s | First Adventure

My dear friend Marie has a new pup!

His name is Levi and we got them together the other day at the Dog Park in Estacada

Side note: The same place and time I lost her new custom bandana! Grrrrrrrr

The best thing about all that IS…..

I contacted the gal who made the first one yesterday and she has already gotten a new one in the mail… GO ME! Post coming on that! Heck I had not even gotten to doing the post about the first bandana!

Levi is a labrador and dutch shepherd cross. Definitely taking the lab short hairs. A dutch shepherd looks similar to a german shepherd.

Thanks Marie!


Magic is the word of the week!

I have heard this word so many times this week

Magic keeps coming up this week for me both in word and description and in those sweet little things that happened to you you cannot explain

It personifies things that happened
To you daily have you ever
Had a little Magic in your life

Cancel that . . .

Have you ever had something happen
That you can not explain even
If it’s small in size

That my friend is magic


Embrace the Season. . .


Have you noticed?     Fall is coming!

The nights are crispy,
the dew is gracing the grass
with beautiful droplets. . .

The hay is in the barn
Charlotte has spun her intricate web
We are gathering the delicious bounty of the garden

The smell of harvest is in the air
The sun still warms the day. . .

Welcome change
Embrace the season
It is a Joyous endeavor.

Dare Greatly ~  ~ Love Hugely

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