Sweeteners. . .

Time Sensitive!

When you are on the Ketogenic Diet “sweet” the old fashioned way is off limits.

Sugar and all of the other ways to say it.

I am not a fan of stevia at all, so to find something that does not leave an after taste and works like sugar is heaven

Lakanto Products are made with Monk Fruit and are very tasty. There are lots of versions, granulated sugar, powdered, maple syrup, flavored sweet drops, chocolate bars etc. So far everything I have tried is super yummy

They are also having a 50% off sale right now for a few days and they have them often.

I am a very picky sweet eater, or you could say my taste buds are refined!

I do believe there are great qualities to honey and molasses used in small amounts however. Each one has some great health benefits so I would check them out and do your research. Maybe that will be my next post?

Let me know if you would like to know more!

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What IS Daily Normal Hair Loss?

According to the experts it is anywhere from 50 to 150 depending on what site you believe.

As you know I have been losing my hairs at an alarming rate due to stress and an auto immune. This also encompasses diet and many other things!

SO . . . . .

Absofreakinglutely . . . . .

Even if it is curly and difficult.

I did it! 

I am pleased to announce for the past several days I am finally at about 60 in hair loss. However I do NOT brush it more than once a day unless I am getting ready to wash it. I am not counting the hairs whirling around and going down the drain either.

I brush it after shampooing. Yes I use a brush for wet hairs. It is a sandalwood brush. Simply amazing. Using a comb on my already challenged hair seemed to make things worse. Sandalwood brushes quite reasonable in price.

Then when I am brushing  to help the natural oils distribute throughout my head I use a pure boar bristle brush. The linked brush is from Morocco Method. I do not have one of these however everyone raves about them. 

If you are going to use a comb I would recommend a large tooth wooden comb
Rick makes them by hand and they are superb!

Rick not only makes them per your preference, he also inscribes them with what wood and your name. They are quite reasonable in price. He is a great guy give him a call and visit his site!

What does 50-150 hairs look like?

I know you are thinking what I thought.
Can I guess-ti-mate?
YES! I think you can.

These are my hair tools. . .

Either wood or natural bristle for this girl!

The only time I use plastic is when my hair is already brushed smooth and I am trimming it so I can get them all.

IF you are concerned about how many hairs are either whirling down the drain or deciding to camp in your hair brush. . .

Please, Please, Please talk to your doctor. There are many many reasons for hair loss.