Frame UP Restoration . . .

Part 1

Hey, I wanted to let you all know I will be going through a total frame up restoration on this site!


YES! it is a bit freaky, scary and I have to say exhilarating to hit the outside fray!

I cannot believe I am going to do this…

Here is a sneak preview of what you will be getting IF you choose to streamline. . .

This will not only make my life SO MUCH easier, I will not have to worry about updates f*^king (yes i know and I am sorry however no other word creates the passion i want to convey) up my site, making me re-create all my pages at the most in opportune moments.

Click here if you are interested in grabbing the spectacular plugin…

Even a newbie with wordpress will be able to maneuver this plugin!

PLUS there are step by step instructions and all the support you could ever need!

?Soap Nuts¿

Are they crazy?

NO! in fact these little berries/nuts have soap in them… REALLY?

I found out about these crazy little things in an email from my favorite place to order what my boys lovingly call  my “witchcraft supplies”.

Trust me read on…………..

Soap Nuts or Soap Berries, Sapindus mukorossi, grow on trees and shrubs. There are about five to twelve species that are in the Lychee family and are native to warm tropical regions in both hemispheres, native to India and Nepal. They include both deciduous and evergreen. Which is amazing…

There is natural soap found in these unique berries/nuts called saponin, a natural detergent. It is natural working as a surfactant which breaks the surface tension of the water so that it can penetrate the fibers of your clothing. This process enables it to lift stains from fabric, leaving the dirt, grime and oil suspended in the water so it can be rinsed away. (Wouldn’t it be great to have other things suspended so you can just rinse them away?)

The parts used are de-seeded nuts/berries. It only takes a few in a cotton muslin bag to do an entire load. AND you will get several load out of one set. You use the same nuts/berries until they turn grey and mushy, then off to the compost pile. The produce very little suds which is great for front loading and HE machines! They smell like apple cider vinegar and leave no smell on your laundry other than fresh!

Soap nuts/berries are very gentle on both clothing and body. This makes them ideal for those of us who have sensitive skin, eczema, allergies or psoriasis. They are perfect for baby clothes! These crazy nuts/berries are easy on septic and grey water systems, which means those who live in RV’s or are travelers do not have to worry about their holding tanks. Even though they are called “nuts” they are not in the nut family and are completely nut allergy FREE!

One of the best things are they are very affordable! I bought a pound for around eight bucks before shipping! A pound has quite a few nuts/berries…

I chose to use 5 nuts/berries and so far have done three loads. I will let you know how many loads I get! Let’s see how clean and fluffy my laundry gets!

Soap nuts/berries can be used for shampoo. They can also be used in a powder form as a cleansing cream by adding a small amount of water.

I took several nuts/berries and put them into a two pint jar with boiling water to create liquid soap. As you can see by the picture there is a bit of suds. These nuts/berries do not have a lot of sudsy action. I am leaving the nuts in for a few days until they get grey and mushy to make sure I get all the saponin out!

The liquid looks milky like castile soap does however they do not leave a residue! This feature will be great in shampoo!

YES! I did use some of it to make some of my shampoo just after I made it! I will let you know how that goes. I am really excited to see how many uses I can find for these little beauties…

There is a laundry list of uses: (ha ha… yes i meant that pun, sometimes the simplest things crack me up)

household cleaning
jewelry (In India and Indonesia jewelers for many centuries have used them to remove tarnish from jewelry and other precious metals)
and more…..

If you give these nuts/berries a whirl let me know what you think!


Mountain Rose Herbs 
Wellness Mama

?Coffee vs Chicory¿

For those of us who because of our health situation should NOT be drinking coffee and still LOVE it!

I love coffee and chicory…


Let’s compare the two!

Coffee Benefits

Improve Energy Levels
Burn Fat
Improve Physical Performance
Essential Nutrients
May lower risk of Type II Diabetes
May protect you from Alzheimer’s & Demential
May lower risk of Parkinson’s
Appears to have Protective effects on your Liver
Can fight depression & make you happier
Lowers the risk of some types of cancer
Does not cause heart disease AND may lower risk of stroke
May help you live longer

Coffee Negatives

Is a drug
Can cause anxiety and disrupt sleep
Addictive and can cause withdrawl symptoms
Some people can be allergic to coffee
More than 4 cups a day can cause early death
Raises blood pressure
Increased risk of heart attacks in young adults
Is linked to gout attacks
May cause breast tissue cysts in women
Could cause incontenance
Can cause headaches
May reduct fertility in women
Maybe a miscarriage risk
May not be health for type 2 diabetics
May cause more forceful heart contractions
Worsens menopause symptoms
Inhibits collagen production in the skin
Can lead to greater risk of bone fractures & accelerates bone loss
May impair hearing loss recovery
Adrenal fatigue
Irregular heartbeat
Can cause tremors

Coffee Information:

Is a bean that grows on a plant and is roasted
There are some who would definitely want to avoid or greatly limit their coffee intake.
Like pregnant women, people with anxiety issues, high blood pressure, insomnia, people who metabolize coffee slowly, people with auto immune diseases, heart issues.
Decaffeinated can be made by rinsing the beans with chemicals
Drinking it without sugar is the best way to drink it
Unfiltered can contain a substance called “cafestol” that can increase cholesterol levels.
Most of the health benefits happen only after you have drank at least several cups
Dates back to the 10th century and possibly earlier
Origin country thought to be Ethiopia
The plant is called Coffea

Chicory Benefits

No caffeine
The ability to Ease digestive problems
The ability to Prevent heartburn
May Reduce arthritis pain
The ability to detoxify the liver & gallbladder
May prevent bacterial infections
Boosts the immune system
Reduce the chance of heart disease
Natural Sedative helping to fight against kidney stones and promotes weight loss
May prevent cancer
Treats constipationHas anti-inflammatory properties
May prevent or delay the onset of Diabetes
Helps manage Osteoarthritis
Aid gut health
Relieve constipation
Treats hemorrhoids, hypertension and inflammatory bowel disease
Helps eczema
Is a prebiotic
High in triglycerides
Reduces colon cancer & heart disease
Anti-microbial & anti-fungal properties
Fights against harmful bacteria

Chicory Negatives

Do not drink if pregnant (may cause uterine contractions)
Might cause and allergic reaction in very few people who are sensitive to Asteraceae/Compositae family
Could be problem if you are prone to gall stones

Chicory Information

Is a cousin of dandelion
The root is roasted and ground
The leaves can be used as a poultice on the skin
The leaves are often eaten like celery
Can be used as a cooking spice
Rich source of beta-carotene
Leaves are also used sprinkled in salads
Medicinal uses date back to ancient Egyptians
Used to treat everything from pulmonary disease or tuberculosis, to cancer, cough, or wounds.
Known as blue daisy, blue dandelion, blue sailors, blue week, bunk, coffeeweed, cornflower, hendibeh, horseweed, ragged sailors, succory, wild bachelor’s buttons, and wild endive
Is a wild plant

Conclusions . . .

That was a lot of information.

Are you totally confused?
Afraid to drink coffee?

Better question might be:
Should You be Drinking Coffee?

I think the answer lies within You,
Your health care professional
and Your health situation

If you LOVE coffee anyway definitely look into the non chemical decaffeinated versions and maybe only drink one cup a day.

Give Chicory a go!

I bought some and I am pretty happy with the taste.
My favorite place for herbs, spices and healthy such is Mountain Rose Herbs

It does NOT taste like coffee however it does have a nice bite and is similar!
I am playing with strength. Make sure you read the destructions before making! Trust me on this!

I will keep you posted on the health benefits I am receiving by drinking this!

There are lots of places to order a concoction of chicory, dandelion, spices, carob etc. I find these blends are way too sweet for me. Mountain Rose has a blend as well as a ton on Amazon.

Laters ~ and Please let me know what you think of chicory coffee?