Moving Forward With A Perfect Day

As I was going through old writings and journals to weed out the oldest in preparation for the New Year I found these words.

I have no idea if I copied them from something or if they are words from my heart & brain.

They were written in September 2013 and are very appropriate as we begin to transcend into the New Year  . . .

As I contemplate my perfect day,
I am mindful to also have
Gratitude & Love for Everything

We all are energy, even rocks, wood, glass, metal, etc.

Every step we take

Every breath we make

Every thought

Every sound

Every action . . .

Leaves an indelible mark on our Universe . . .

as we leave this year behind take stock in what you learned and please please please move FORWARD without being in the future… looking back is missing the present!

Think about what footprint you want to leave as you walk, run or ride to your future.

You make an impact whether you are bringing positive or negative energy with you.

Happy New Year Everyone!



Daily Habits

Bring in the New Year with a few Daily Habits!

Make them within reach so that you have success and you are able to create limitless possibilities for yourself. Rome was not built in a day. Give yourself some love and know that what you do today is perfect!

Each day we get to make a fresh start.

Celebrate your successes
Love yourself through your failures
Find something great about each and every day


1. Practice meditation
Most of us when we get started have no off switch.  We are hungry almost desperate for success. You take everything personally; Feel guilty when you aren’t working, and feel like a failure. Meditation will give you the presence to be here now and face whatever challenges come your way and realize everything has a purpose and is perfect. Perfect timing, perfect place, perfect ____________!


2. Take the time to learn more
Staying current comes from expanding knowledge and skills, so it’s important to make a habit of continually learning. For me, I like to watch YouTube videos and TED Talks as well as read business books and articles on my tablet. Feeding your brain not only keeps it healthy, you are also bombarded with great topics for products, blogs posts, how to have a radiant life, this list is limitless


3. Work from a to-do list, not your email, or social media
Make your list realistic for the day. Crossing things off of your list give your brain and eyes the success you need to feel great at the end of the day. By creating a priority list and tenaciously working from there, you’ll be able to gain momentum, building trust in yourself and your process, overcoming obstacles. Social Media will suck the time away from you very quickly.

I would suggest that you draw a vertical line on your list paper.
On the left side write “Things I need To Do Today”
On the right side write “Things The Universe Will Take Care Of”

do this for at least a month and see what happens . . .
how much took care of itself?

4. Check in with mentors/coaches

Keep a log so that you can track everything from success to failures and everything in between. Talk to your mentors/coaches. Sometimes when speaking the words out loud you will have your answer even before your coach gives input. Once you find your flow of how to think through the process and act rather than react, you’ll be golden. Trusted mentors and advisors are essential.


5. Create great friends with peers
Having relationships with people who know exactly what you are experiencing is vital to your overall being. Having a social net of people who understand you will make you more resistant to pulling your hairs out by the roots. Their experience will allow them to give you much more relevant advice when you have trouble.


6. Become immune to negative people
No matter where you go or what you do you will run into negative people. They seem to be hell bent on raining on your happy parade. Remember when anyone speaks it is a reflection of themselves. It is NOT about you in anyway shape or form. Smile and take yourself out of the situation if at all possible until you learn the skills to face that conversation.


7. Look at things with different eyes
Practice looking at things from other perspectives. Know that everyone sees “that thing” differently. Perception is based on our experiences, knowledge and truths. Stay present, listen with both ears and sealed lips. Keep emotion out of the equation and conversation. When you can stay grounded, calm, and open in a negative situation; the outcome will wind around to a positive state. All outcomes have positive attributes, you only have to “see” them. Remember whatever we are going through, we have made the choice to be there at that given moment in time, regardless if we are conscious of it or not.

In other words we get what we ask for whether we want it or not

You say you did not make a choice . . .
Well my friend not making a choice is what you chose!