No matter how many times you are told to focus, unless you know how to do it, you can be challenged. . .

Knowing HOW is key to do anything right?

Let’s see how . . .

Seems captain obvious easy right?

That is what I thought.

Break these down into single words:

Follow = Know what is the subject.
One      = One… Yes it is that simple ONLY one thing at a time.
Commitment = Commit to ONE thing right now, the subject of . . .
Until = until what? You know it backwards, forwards, top to bottom, bottom to
              top and sidewaze.
Successful = IF you have all the above correct success is in the bag.

You know it takes thousands of hours to be a Master at something.
Being a master at ONE subject will take momentous less time.

Keep those amazing eyes focused on one subject at a time. Become THE Master!

This little trick will help you to be successful in Business and in Life . . .

Think of how great your personal and business relationships will be when you are completely focused on the person speaking with you. Giving them a thousand percent of your attention. That is being a Master of Listening!

You’re Welcome!