Normal Shampoo, Natural Shampoo or No Poo?

It seems everything these days are laced with chemicals some naturally derived some produced in a lab . . .

If you are on the fence about what kind of shampoo to put on your body and hairs this might help you decide.

Remember however that choosing a completely natural/organic/no chemical/no poo shampoo will take a promise and commitment of at least a year no matter how your hairs look!

My road to no chemical hair care is about a year in and I started this because my hairs have been falling out due to an auto immune called Hashimoto’s, which causes the hair loss among other things.

You can read about the many reasons for the hair loss here.

Back to the poo…

I originally started using the Morocco Method on my hairs. It is the absolute best in my humble opinion! However it can get pricey especially if you have long hair.

It has absolutely no sudsing agents and is made completely with botanicals and organic products. You think you need more than you do, so therefore I went through it pretty fast.

PLUS it takes time to get the chemicals and remnants out of your hair.

I went through lots of stages:

extreme tangles (wet & dry)
feeling nasty ( coarse, not clean, slimy-oily, etc)
falling out (more than my usual which is extreme)
dry and brittle
look and feeling dirty
etc . . .

I will not sugar coat this…..
You want to pull your hair out during this process.
Days when you want to just grab a bottle of shampoo from the store and use it!

Apple cider vinegar rinses helped a lot. Depending on how bad your hair feels warrants the level of vinegar ratio to water.

Brushing your hair with a natural bristle  or sandalwood brush is key in getting your hair healthy. It brings your natural hair oils to the surface and distributes them throughout all your hairs.

When Morocco got out of my pocketbook range I decided to explore making my own shampoo. I have come up with a recipe, and it keeps changing, that seems to be working or my hairs are finally CLEAN and healthy.

Does it smell flowery and pretty?
NO. . .
It smells earthy and herbal, kinda like dirt.
It also looks like dirt!
Until I perfect it I do not see the use in adding essential oils and I have essential oils in my hair oil.


In  addition I am still using the Morocco Method creme rinse and conditioners sometimes. Plus hair oil almost everyday.

As you can see in the above image my hairs look healthy and shiny.
Don’t get me wrong there are days still that it is a grease pit and on top of my head! I can live with that.

If you have straight hair you could do the no poo method and use baking soda and apple cider vinegar! Curly haired people will find that very difficult because our hairs tend to tangle more easily and curly hair does not seem to do well with baking soda. Trust me on this I have tried putting baking soda in my concoction!

You can also use liquid castile soap, also grab it at Bi-Mart which is a bit cheaper.
I use it when I cannot handle the greasy for the day or if I have used too much oil!

It is the healthiest it has been in years.

I am here to support you on your journey, just holler!



Using Hair Oil vs not . . .

Hair oil can be the best thing or the worst thing for your hairs.


I really mean it is the best thing and IF you use too much it will ruin only your day and still be great for your hair.

There are lots of opinions concerning whether or not to use oil on our hair. I take them with a grain of salt because using a hair oil has been a key ingredient in the health of my hairs!

Using hair oil will take time to make a difference and needs to be part of a regimen.

For years I have used coconut and olive oil to help condition my hairs. You warm it, work it through all of your hair, let is sit for at least 20 minutes then wash out!

If you are using regular shampoo this works as long as you wash it several times. However if you are using a non chemical or non sudsy shampoo it will take days to get all that oil out of your hair.

Some of the other things I have used during the years are:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Some all alone and some in a mix.

Using a hair oil you only need a few drops massaged into your scalp. If your hairs are long I would recommend a few more drops on the ends.

Using organic botanicals is important.

My secret sauce hair oil recipe is still in the process however I am experimenting with calendula oil that is made with olive oil. It is a bit heavy however the past few weeks my hairs have felt amazing! It includes some amazing essential oils as well! They are oils that help your hair, scalp etc.

My next batch will include Argan and Rosehip Oils. They seem to be lighter in weight. Although you can never go wrong with coconut oil. It is one of the best oils you can use both inside and out of your body!

You see my hairs have been falling out by the brush full for a few years now. When you body is stressed due to accidents, daily stress or something like an auto immune things happen, including hair loss. There are many reasons for hair loss some are easily found others not so much.

Using natural ways to clean your hairs in conjunction with a great hair oil and healthy eating and living creates a great place for your body to thrive!

Let me know if you love hair oil and why not. . .


Hashimoto’s You Cannot Have My Hair!

My hair loss is at the  panic level… I wonder how i have any at the rate it is choosing to leave my head and end up in my brush and escaping down the drain

Even before i was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (Thyroid Auto immune), my hairs were falling out by the truckloads. I am down about two thirds from what i used to have.

Major problem.

Not only scary it is a huge sign my body is not functioning well at all.
Thyroid medication does not guarantee a return of your hairs.

SO if you seem to be losing more hair than usual


Get some testing done . . .
Increase your . . .



and do not let anyone give you mindless rhetoric find a professional that will listen and hear your concerns no one knows your body better than you do.

Learn how to read the tests and ask questions

Sometimes doctors do not explain so you can understand.

So why do Hashimoto’s patients lose their hairs?

Lots of reasons…..

Elevated testosterone
or hormone imbalance
Poor blood flow to the scalp
Iron deficiency and low ferritin
Blood sugar swings
Lack of biotin
Lack of good fats
Chemical hair products
not on the right dose or kind of thyroid meds
lack or too much of vitamins
collagen protein
stomach acid
adrenal fatigue
increase in  an androgen hormone called DHT (DiHydroxy Testosterone)
chronic stress


to top it off reduces brain function which hinders the ability to get well…

T3 is your beautiful hair hormone. When is it messed up so are your hairs!

Make sure your TSH, Free T4 (FT4), Free T3 (FT3), and Reverse T3 (RT3) levels are all optimal

You can see that this is not a

take a test
get results
take medicine or adjust something

and/or be fixed.!

This is an adventure
A process of elimination and it is grueling, tear your already challenged hairs out frustrating to the point, that I have gone into a small room and screamed, stomped my feet and thrown a tizzy (or is it hissy?) fit


I pick myself up and move onto the next thing to test, supplement to take, food to add or avoid, read more to educate myself, etc…

Is this hereditary, part of your

There are differing opinions everywhere you look . . .


My mother had a thyroid goiter removed and then ALL OF her gorgeous brown hair fell out and came back white, thin and whimpy…

My hands and feet have ALWAYS BEEN COLD…
The pediatrician told me since i have cold hands and feet I have a warm heart¿

Remember this was many years ago . . .

My “thyroid tests” came back within normal range

UNTIL I saw a Naturopath and had a whole panel done only then did we get to the truth…

so as far as I am concerned YES it is hereditary

The beginning of my story is here

All in all this is still a very long and arduous process

Hang in there

Get some support (friend, family, Facebook group, etc)

Never more fitting words than now
All good things come to those who . . .

PLEASE do NOT wait!

One moment at a time . . .

Until the next Hashi chapter…

Laters Baby!

I used many sites to tell this story and they are referenced below.

I thank each and every person who is so much further along than i am for blazing the trail to make some of the decisions and roads to take easier.

Please take the time to educate yourself and go through these sites… They are informational, educational, acknowledging, and supportive…

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