Kombucha | Flavors & Scoby’s

A little follow up from yesterday’s post about what flavors to put with different teas…

The possibilities are ENDLESS…

Here are some of the suggestions my friends gave for the Jasmine:

Cardamom (sounds wonderful and the jasmine is sweet enough to work well)
Ginger & Lemon
Goji (which sounds wonderful unless you have an auto immune)
and the list goes on…

There you have it!

I am NOT a juggler!

Please be open to mixing flavors, finding new combinations that tease and delight your pallet!

Do a test!
If you are unsure take a glass with a little plain kombucha and add the flavor you are thinking of…


Flavorings For Kombucha!

I made two batches of different Kombucha this time.

One is with Earl Grey Tea and the other is Jasmine Tea.

Earl Grey is black tea flavored with Bergamot and Jasmine is a Green Tea.

Both of them are very tasty on their own however I want to add flavors for both.

The question is…..

What do I add?


Let me know what flavorings are your favs!

And by the way. . .

Honey with the Jasmine is divine!

I am going to make another batch of Jasmine. Think about which flavors would be great with it… Maybe some lemon and at wee bit of ginger?

´╗┐Decisions, Decisions…

Pictures will follow when it is bottled…