Frame UP Restoration . . .

Part 1

Hey, I wanted to let you all know I will be going through a total frame up restoration on this site!


YES! it is a bit freaky, scary and I have to say exhilarating to hit the outside fray!

I cannot believe I am going to do this…

Here is a sneak preview of what you will be getting IF you choose to streamline. . .

This will not only make my life SO MUCH easier, I will not have to worry about updates f*^king (yes i know and I am sorry however no other word creates the passion i want to convey) up my site, making me re-create all my pages at the most in opportune moments.

Click here if you are interested in grabbing the spectacular plugin…

Even a newbie with wordpress will be able to maneuver this plugin!

PLUS there are step by step instructions and all the support you could ever need!

What Is Gutenberg?

What ? ? ? ? ?    WHO ? ? ? ? ?

Definitely not talking about Steve . . . 

For those of us who use WordPress . . .

What do y’all think of the new Gutenberg editor coming?
Do you know anything about it?

Looks like it could very possibly be the cute little “hat trick” that will revolutionize blogs?


I have installed it for a test drive and I am writing this post with it!
So far very easy peasy lemon squeezy

I am not particularly good with these kind of changes like I used to be
SO . . .
Me giving this a “very easy” title is freaking HUGE!

This is the first time I have used it
Yes I am making mistakes
It is a bit quirky and yet not in the least intimidating

Even though I have not found out how to delete a block yet
So there may or may not be some extra spacing when I finish!

It seems to work like Thrive and Elementor.
Hitting the return without holding the shift grabs you a new block instead of dropping double space!

ahhhhh just backspace out of a text block… Killer!
One color per text box it looks like which is a bummer


Maybe make those paid plugins pointless?

Quote Box
What do you think?


I will continue to play here,
see if I can find another “hat trick”
and let you go on with
your absolutely fabulous day!

Check out more info here
from WordPress and Yoast!

Laters Baby