Sweeteners. . .

Time Sensitive!

When you are on the Ketogenic Diet “sweet” the old fashioned way is off limits.

Sugar and all of the other ways to say it.

I am not a fan of stevia at all, so to find something that does not leave an after taste and works like sugar is heaven

Lakanto Products are made with Monk Fruit and are very tasty. There are lots of versions, granulated sugar, powdered, maple syrup, flavored sweet drops, chocolate bars etc. So far everything I have tried is super yummy

They are also having a 50% off sale right now for a few days and they have them often.

I am a very picky sweet eater, or you could say my taste buds are refined!

I do believe there are great qualities to honey and molasses used in small amounts however. Each one has some great health benefits so I would check them out and do your research. Maybe that will be my next post?

Let me know if you would like to know more!

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?Exploding Kombucha¿

Holy Smokes!

I have no pictures of the exploded bottles.

1. Because I needed to get them up before any of our pups stepped on the glass 2. The explosion happened in the spare fridge and was cleaned before I realized I would post about it! oh my!

What caused bottles to explode?

The simple answer is the fermentation process creates a gas and if you do not “burp” the bottles, the glass can only hold so much torque before they give. . .


You cannot let them get cold enough to freeze. . . 
Which happened inside the outside fridge after the thermostat got bumped lower.

I do not bottle my kombucha until the second fermentation which is after I have added fruit and they have sat for around 3 days. Truthfully if you refrigerate them and are consuming daily, you should not have any explode. Cooled kombucha does not ferment quickly. I have never had any explode in the fridge until the big “freeze”.

Thankfully none of the scoby’s were ruined. They are all out during the second fermentation!

However this past winter during my move I had bottles sitting in a garage and I did ‘not’ burp them only to have them go off like firecrackers. I even had one explode in my bathroom in the middle of the night. What a way to wake up! Tallulah bailed off the bed like a rocket!

Unfortunately my favorite blue quart bottles were the ones to go.

So… I am on the hunt for some new bottles. My smaller clear ones are all still in tact. I think I will get at least quart size maybe half gallon.

You definitely need to use good quality bottles for this process. Cheap ones will tend to break more easily.

My recommendation would be to go to your neighborhood beer supply store. They will have a variety and are knowledgable about what are the best for kombucha. You can see the thickness, size, shape, quality and feel of each bottle.

Brown bottles are the best for holding the pro-biotic properties since the sun cannot penetrate it. The blue and green ones do help some however the clear do not protect at all. I chose clear for my smaller bottles because as quickly as I drop them into a box to sit then drink it, I figured being able to see how clean they are trumped the color.

If you happen to live around my area Bridgeview Beer & Wine
is a great place to purchase your kombucha bottles. 

P.S. I am off to burp my bucha!