You need tools!

These digital tools are essential to any business in this digital age and ALL have free versions. Whether you are brick and mortar or online they are the best way for attraction marketing.

Social Media is a great way to Be and Stay connected
whether for business or personal applications.
They are easily mastered and it will be my pleasure to show you how.

Facebook & Fanpage

is a popular FREE social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family, colleagues.

Click here for some tips & tricks with optimizing your FaceBook Experience or Visit my Fanpage for more ideas.


is a software that enables the World's conversations one person or business at a time.  Millions are using Skype to make voice, one to one and group calls in tandem with the ability to send instant messages while sharing files with other people.


allows billions of people to discover, watch, and share originally-created videos.  YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.  It levels the playing fields a little.  It is free.


is a video sharing platform created for creative artistry and consists of artists in film, animation, music and other works of art.  It is a mostly mature community.  It is free or paid tiers and there are no ads.  You can also replace a video without losing stats.


is the place to find out what is happening in the World right now. . .  Friends, family, and co-workers can communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages.  When you post to your profile, they are called Tweets, which may contain photos, videos, links and up to 140 characters of text.  These messages are also sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search.


is a social network for users to visually share and discover new interests by posting (known as 'pinning' on Pinterest) images or videos to their own account.  You pin your things to a 'board'.   Boards are given a theme name and you may have tons of boards.  When given access, you are allowed to post, browse and view other peoples boards as well.

You need Paid tools too!

I also use paid tools for my business.
Below are a few for you to check out!


is a great all around platform for creating graphics of any kind. It is simple, professional and has great customer support.

You can virtually create anything you wish here!

Here is the link to scope it out  


is also a great platform for creating graphics of any kind. I find it a bit more complicated or limiting however you perceive it. And it is also professional and has great customer support.

So many possibilities!

Here is the link to scope it out  

LaughingBird Software

This software is new to me and so far I AM loving it!

If you are creating digital products or need graphics that are 3D this is the place to go.


SO many other add ons I cannot even begin to write about them here. Everything from cartoons to video backgrounds. I think they have just about all you need to produce graphics for whatever you are advertising!

This is also an affiliate program so as you pass it on to others you will receive a commission!

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